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Getting the Love You Want

  • 48 hr
  • $795-$850

Service Description

Live, in-person, face-to-face in Metro DC! Participants must be fully vaccinated and rapid test on the first day. This lively, experiential workshop will help you turn conflict into opportunities for healing and growth. You will explore some of your emotional history to understand its impact on your daily lives and gain compassion for your partner’s story. You will leave the weekend with fresh insights, new skills, energy and hope to restore the commitment and romance in your relationship. Whether you are just starting out on your lifelong relationship journey, in the midst of a committed and now ho-hum pattern, or at a crisis point… THIS WORKSHOP WILL TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU CONNECT WITH YOUR PARTNER. Experience the joy of conscious connection! What to expect at a GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT workshop: A new sense of the space between you and the quality of that connection Communication skills that will tend and nourish that space Understanding and empathy for your partner’s inner story Tools for repairing old wounds and conflicts A way to express your joyfully alive energy A vision for the dream you share for the relationship you are meant to have. Using brief lectures, demonstrations, videos, music, personal reflection, and private conversations between partners. We create safety and privacy for couples to share and disclose to each other Sample Schedule: Fri 6:30 pm-9 pm welcome and introduction to Imago Sat/Sun 9-12:30 welcome, exercises, lectures, demo, and film clips Sat/Sun 12:30-2:30 Lunch (some homework off-site) Sat/Sun 2:30 6:00 pm review, exercises, lectures, demo, and film clips (Sat night Homework off-site)

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